Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rave! Adorable, Affordable Hair Ties that Are Truly Gentle and Crimp-Free!

Hi Curlies!

I hate when I take a pony tail out of my hair and 14 hairs come out with it.  Not to mention the kink that hair ties inevitably leave me with.  And most hair ties are so boring that I end up covering them up with a strand of my own hair anyway.

Well, I was browsing Etsy a few weeks ago and I came across the seller LuckyGirlHairTies.  I was intrigued by the really cute designs and the claim that these were some of the most gentle hair ties around, so I decided to place an order.

Here's my hair tie haul.  I did a pick your own package and I also grabbed this package because it was so pretty.


They are made out of a grippy-ribbon elastic.  The seller heat seals the ends to prevent fraying, which I hope means that these will last a good while.  They are also hand-washable (air dry!) so if they need a freshening up, it's easy to do with some gentle detergent.

My main concern was that I have very thin, fine hair.  My pony tail is about the size of nickel in diameter, so I was worried that these would be so big that I'd have to wrap them 8 times to get any hold.  Well, I'm happy to report that I only need 3 wraps for the ties to securely hold my hair.  But as you can see in the photos below, these are very stretchy and could easily accommodate a much larger pony tail than mine!

Stretched. I could have stretched more, but I was also trying to take a picture!
But even after stretching them a ton, they snap right back to normal
Overall, I'm super thrilled with these adorable hair ties.  I definitely find less hairs being tugged out with these compared with normal elastics. I've used them to create messy buns to sleep in and I've worn them out and about.  I think my next order is going to be the massive 50 hair tie package, because I think it's a great deal for a quality, cute product!

Update! Here's what one of them (the silver sparkly one!) looks like in a curly pony tail on me.  I does make the pony tail stick out a bit, but not too much, and I think having curls lessens that effect).


Carolyn Russell said...

I'd love to see what they look like actually in your hair (does it make your ponytail stick way out from your head, since the ribbon is so much wider than a normal hair tie? Or what about the tied part on the end, does that make it look funny?)

Laura said...

I am wearing one today actually, so I'll snap a picture when I get home this evening and update the blog post with it. I'm wearing my hair straight today (it was too cold this morning for air drying curls!) so it does stick out a bit. When I put my curls into them, I find that effect to be very minimized (I'll have to update with a curly pony picture later)

Mary said...

I found these at my local walmart. :)