My Story

Who is the Dorm Room Curly?

I first got my waves/curls at age 13 when I moved to a significantly more humid climate. I didn't know what to do with them! So I pretended like they didn't exist for a while, and then I started straightening them. But once I got to college, I decided to stop fighting them and start to see what curl care was all about. Hence, dorm room curly was born.

Ever since then, I've more or less embraced the curly hair lifestyle faithfully ever since. Do I still like to rock a blow-out or straight hair sometimes? Of course! But the important thing is that I love my curls now.

Once I figured out a product and styling routine that worked for me, I took a break from the curl community and focused on my studies. But I was drawn back to blogging and the community when one day I saw my Curly Girl method guide on Pinterest. A friend of mine had pinned it (and had no idea I wrote it!). I googled the link to the guide to see if it was still being used, and much to my amazement, it was! You just can't ignore something like that. I was humbled that a whole community of curlies had still found something that I wrote years ago to be helpful.

I no longer live in a dorm room, but I am in still in school (grad school, actually).

I hope that I can provide other women with waves and curls with some ideas for hair products, styling techniques, and just general stories about life as a girl who has mostly ditched the flat iron in favor of what she was meant to have.  I also have discovered a love of makeup in recent years, and so I post on that topic as well from time to time.

I do not accept money for my reviews. My opinions are my own.   I use Amazon affiliate links on this site in order to cover the costs of trying new products. Believe me, I'm not getting rich off of this! I don't even make enough from affiliate links to have to report it on my taxes!  My goals with this blog is not to make money; it's to provide other curlies with some reviews and ideas for how to take care of and love their curls.  I've actually turned down several offers to write sponsored reviews of products because that's not what I'm here for.