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dobette said...

Regardless of the size of bras, bras where not make for chubby women. If you take a size that fits around you chest the cup size is to big or they curl up under or if they are to small such as the cotton athletic one which is the one I like, if you lift your arms, your boobs comes out under. It`s a no win situation so basically what I do is remove it as fast as possible when I get home from work. Basically the one I`ve got right now which is worn to crap it keeps coming up because my tire around my waist is in the way and keeps pushing on the bra upward

Cathy Dotson said...

ADDING VOLUME TO CURLY HAIR: I'm having difficulty keeping volume in the top of my curly hair. I've tried the Deva clips and also partially drying my hair upside down. Do you have any other suggestions.

Stacey said...

I have been fighting my hair ever since it changed during pregnancy with my son 17 years ago. The underside went curly, the top is just wavy, and I constantly either fight "triangle head" or take a half hour in the morning straightening it. I finally decided to figure out how to embrace my curls and after talking to another natural curly redhead, I have an appointment at the same salon she uses later this week, a salon that has DevaCurl training and products. I decided to do some research and came across your blog through Pinterest. I've learned sooo much, thank you! I have hope!!! I'll be following for more great info!