Monday, December 31, 2012

A Look Ahead

Happy New Years Eve!

Here's a quick look at what kinds of posts I've got in the works for you guys for 2013!

  • Figuring out a hair routine, or how to calm the product junkie!
  • Styling tips and techniques. What I do with a bad hair day, how I make the most of a good hair day
  • Product reviews. My all time curly hair favorites!
  • A new product world: makeup. I'll post some tutorials, product reviews, and tips for getting into a makeup routine without getting stuck in a rut. I'll be pulling from my day to day experiences, which means lots of neutral looks appropriate for work and school.
  • I'd like to post a bargain hunting series when I find some super deals, but obviously I can't promise how often those will come around

So that's a look at what's up ahead. Since it is NYE, I will share my "resolutions" with you all. I'm not a big believer in resolutions, but I am a big believer in setting goals. So perhaps it would be better to call these goals that I just happened to make at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013.
  1. Yoga. I've always wanted to try it and never have! So I'm getting myself a DVD to try some beginner stuff at home. I'd like to get some stress relief, a workout, and increased flexibility out of doing yoga this year
  2. Take more photos. I bought myself my first DSLR for Christmas, and I'm excited to learn how to use it! My goal for the end of the year is to be comfortable with using the manual modes and to have captured many more moments than I have been in recent years.  
  3. Blog! I missed blogging, so hopefully this one will be simple.  
I hope you all had wonderful holidays and got to spend time with family and loved ones!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Four years in the making


It has been 4 years since I first made this blog. I used to have lots more posts but removed them after some privacy concerns. Well, all except one post obviously. My guide, which I wrote more than anything to keep myself straight on the curly girl method, has become so much more than anything I ever thought.

I initially came back to the this blog to see how it was doing after I saw it linked on Pinterest. That was very surreal! I did a double-take and said, "Wait a minute. I made that icon!" (it was the image on the right hand side of the blog).

Little did I know, that while I was finishing up my first degree, my little curly girl guide has been viewed over 100,000 times, pinned, tweeted, facebooked, and linked all over the web. I googled the link to it out of curiosity, and by about page 5 I had tears streaming down my face because of how many women said that this blog post had changed the way they did their hair and made them happy with their curls for the first time. It was a truly breathtaking experience.

So here I am. When I started this blog, I was in my first year in college. Now, I'm in my first year of graduate school. I was dating my high school sweetheart, and a bit scared about how our relationship would hold up across a long distance. Now, we're engaged.  Back then, I wanted to be a doctor. Now, I'm in law school and loving it.  When I started the blog, I truly was a dorm room curly, blogging from an actual dorm room. Now, I'm the apartment curly, blogging from a grown-up fourth floor room with a kitchen.

Of all the changes over these four years though, one thing hasn't changed. I've still got my curls. One of the reasons I stopped blogging and posting on is that I actually more or less figured out my hair around year two. In the coming weeks, I'm going to do some posts to let you all know what I've been doing and how I figured out what worked for me (hint: lots of bad hair days with trial and error!).

I am so incredibly grateful, overwhelmed, and humbled that my simple blog post, which I read now and think of all the ways I would edit the writing style of it after four years of post-secondary work, has helped other people figure out their own hair.  Even those who tried the method and said that it didn't work for them, that's a step in figuring it all out.

So here's to figuring things out. I'm not sure how continuously I'll be blogging, but like I said, I've got a least a few posts up my sleeves.  I changed the layout, because the styles of websites have changed so much over the last four years! Leave me a comment if you've got a request for something you'd like to read or if you have a question for me or if you just want to say hi! I would love to hear from you.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anyone out there?

Stay tuned! I've got an update post in the works that I will post in the next couple of weeks! Leave me a comment if you're excited!